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Oriental Ambient - Mystic sounds for Relaxing

Music & Dreams 
Travel my sweet soul through the notes and music.
Heal those pieces that you boldly dared to drag on the surface of yourself.All those that you did not remember living an utopic, empty and sunless life.
Hapiness is close, and with the music, it sings to you, preparing you for your next journey.

Description text by Olabisi | Despina Saldari - Energy Healing Scanner

1. Morning light - Mooji - Martin Rixen & Luiz Martinez Ten
2. A journey to India - Karunesh
3. Grounded - Sacred Earth
4. Gupha - The Holiwater Project
5. Longing for the Unknown - Karunesh
6. Returning to now - Karunesh
7. Grounded 2nd part - Sacred Earth
8. Jai - Sacred Earth

Music compilation by Vassilios Canellos
All rights belong to the owners of the songs

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